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Originated in 2003 by Rajendra Parikh, Halite Trading Co., Ltd. is a family-owned company that embarked on trading in precious gemstones. His vision of the company started many years back, precisely in 1995, when he entered the industry. Halite Trading is based in Bangkok, Thailand- also known as the world hub of stone cutting.

With almost 27 years of experience and expertise, Halite trades with consumers all around the globe; Asia, Australia, North America, Europe & Africa.
The Halite Team aims to accommodate and serve our client’s needs, providing them with a variety and collection of our hand-picked gemstones and a wide selection of matching pairs, set designs & free sizes.

Halite seeks to provide fine quality gemstones, from the mines to the clients, with the best market prices and offerings for our clients.

While the selection of our stones is really particular, so are our rules. Halite Trading leans on recognizing, preventing, and encouraging not to conduct child labor.
The idea of healthy mining keeps our environment happy. Thus, we motivate it through our platforms and by communicating directly with our suppliers and buyers.

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