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We ship worldwide on a daily basis. FedEx and DHL reach most parts of the world within 2-4 business days for a relatively low cost, so we do it for as per your delivery location.

VAT can vary depending on your country. From our many years of experience shipping to all parts of the world, the process and costs have been minimal and streamlined by carriers (FedEx). Please contact us related to your specific country and item(s) of interest so we can advise about possible import/VAT fees.

Also, please note that for international orders that AFTER dispatch, are either refused by the customer, or cancelled, the customer will be liable for all custom duties and VAT charged by their country, in order to return the items back to us. Only after receipt of the item by us, any balance due to the customer, less all fees, custom duties and VAT, will be refunded to the customer as per the refund timeline.

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